2018 Mortgage Loan Limits Increased

Each State and County have been updated with the new 2018 Mortgage Loan Limits on mortgages to be acquired by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. What does this mean for a homebuyer in San Diego county? The sales price they can purchase has now increased based on minimum down payment requirements.

For example: In 2017 if you did 5% down the maximum sales price to stay within high balance loan limits in San Diego County was $645,210, in 2018 with the higher loan limits the maximum sales price in San Diego County with 5% down to stay within high balance loan limits is $683,947

For more information and to get pre-qualified regardless if you are a first time homebuyer or not call or text The Schmidt Team at 858-336-5200



First Time Homebuyers

These first time homebuyers came into my office to meet in person about 45 days ago with the dream of owning their own home. We completed their application together and they were able to ask all of the questions that most first time homebuyers have. We made copies of their documentation and within just a few hours of them leaving my office I was able to issue these first time homebuyers a pre-approval letter. They were then off with their real estate agent shopping for perspective homes until they found the one they wanted to call their own.

Today was a very special day, it was their 3 year wedding anniversary and they signed the final loan documents to complete their purchase transaction. 29 days after their offer was accepted they completed their paperwork and will be able to pick up their keys tomorrow to their new home.

When you are a first time homebuyer it is easy to be intimidated by the process, this is another example that if you choose the right team behind you, the dream of homeownership is possible. First time homebuyers should contact The Schmidt Team at 858-336-5200

Networking Event 4/7

This is the 3rd Annual Sip in The Sanctuary hosted by Tracie Schmidt and the Women’s Council of REALTORS®. We welcome our new members that joined from the first quarter and hold a free networking event for those that want to attend within the real estate community. We have it at The Sanctuary Lounge in Scripps Ranch and they are so welcoming to our group. All are invited and Food and Live Music will be provided. Stay tuned for the after pictures. I love my job !

Sip Event April--Image

Lunch & Learn Radio

Whenever there is an opportunity for me to educate people on mortgage financing I take it. It was such a fun time getting to visit ESPN radio and take part in a radio show. Kay Merg was the realtor guest on the show with me and we tried to demystify VA loans and what a homebuyer should know when starting the purchasing process.


HomeBuyer Workshop

Buying a home can be overwhelming and a lot of people don’t know where to start. If you are a first time homebuyer and want to get guidance there are workshops that we put on to help point you in the right direction. The Schmidt Team specializes in helping first time home buyers. We educate you before, during and after the transaction. If you are looking to purchase your first home and want to get pre-approved contact Tracie Schmidt at
858-461-6709, we can work up options for a first time home buyer within hours of receiving their documentation.

home buyer workshop

1st State Meeting

This year I am the Membership Director for the Women’s Council of Realtors San Diego County network. We have 3 state meetings each year and our first was in January. Networks from around California get together and share new ideas and ways to help develop our local membership. Our network is considered a mega network and we have over 100 members. The reason a realtor would join Women’s Council of REALTORS® is to network among others in their profession, as well as, attend educational and motivating business resource meetings the local networks put on. There are a lot of social events and it really gives you an outlet to meet new friends within the real estate community.

This year at the first state meeting we had two great speakers, Sally Struthers and Dr. Jen Welter. I’m sure you have heard of the first with the TV shows she has done, but in case you haven’t heard of Dr. Welter she is one of the most inspiring speakers I’ve heard. She is actually the first woman to coach in the NFL and really inspired me to know that if you work hard results will come.sallyjen

Josh Altman in the House

Our first big event in 2016 for the Women’s Council of REALTORS® San Diego County Network was Josh Altman. He gave out 10 tips on how to become a successful realtor, it was actually really great information. Josh took pictures with the guests afterwards and signed copies of his book It’s Your Move. The room was filled, we had over 200 guests and it proved to be a successful event. 2016 is about great speakers and giving back to the members.
me n joshjosh



2015 Affiliate of the Year

January 9th 2016 was a night that won’t be forgotten. Over the last 15 years working in the lending industry it was an honor to not only be nominated for Affiliate of the Year but to win the award. SDAR (San Diego Association of Realtors) held the officer installation and award dinner at the Grand Del Mar, we were surrounded by the best of the best. We had to first get nominated by REALTOR® Members of the Association and then fill out an application. After the application was complete it was narrowed down to the top 3 candidates for Affiliate of the Year and we had to do an in person interview with the previous years winners. We were asked several questions that we didn’t know ahead of time and had to leave a lasting impression on the voters. The winner wasn’t going to be announced until the night of the event.

Of course I was nervous, it was something that I felt I worked so hard for and would be honored to be called up on stage. The lights were dim and the nominees were announced on video in front of every one to see. And then she said it…”And the winner of the 2015 Affiliate of the Year Award is Tracie Schmidt.” It was such an awesome way to start the new year.affiliate of the year2016-04-06_1223pic