1st State Meeting

This year I am the Membership Director for the Women’s Council of Realtors San Diego County network. We have 3 state meetings each year and our first was in January. Networks from around California get together and share new ideas and ways to help develop our local membership. Our network is considered a mega network and we have over 100 members. The reason a realtor would join Women’s Council of REALTORS® is to network among others in their profession, as well as, attend educational and motivating business resource meetings the local networks put on. There are a lot of social events and it really gives you an outlet to meet new friends within the real estate community.

This year at the first state meeting we had two great speakers, Sally Struthers and Dr. Jen Welter. I’m sure you have heard of the first with the TV shows she has done, but in case you haven’t heard of Dr. Welter she is one of the most inspiring speakers I’ve heard. She is actually the first woman to coach in the NFL and really inspired me to know that if you work hard results will come.sallyjen

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